Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trunks and Forests!

Our ward Trunk or Treat was the Saturday before Halloween.  It is combined with both wards so there are tons of cars and lots and lots of candy.  We spent about a half hour walking the parking lot and loading up on candy!  Nathan and Tiffany and family joined us so that is always fun :).  There was a chance of rain, but it held off so the trunk or treat wasn't cancelled, thankfully.

Here is Jeff walking along with our band of Pirates!

Mhari and Sandra

Talmage!  Instead of a parrot he has a monkey on his shoulder :)

Clark pirate and Lorna the damsel in distress that the pirates have captured!

While walking Lorna found a chair that was just her size so she decided it should be hers.  Maybe I should have dressed her as Goldilocks!  The little boy, whose chair it was, wasn't very happy and so I helped Lorna leave the chair behind.  Silly girl.

After the trunk or treat we headed to a nearby campground to do the Haunted Forest!  We did it last year and had such a great time that we wanted to be sure to do it again this year.  Jeff drove the truck and the rest of us piled into the back!  It was kind of crammed, but we fit.  It wasn't too crowded at the campground so the kids had a great time getting scared.  Clark and Lorna probably had the hardest time (just trying to not be scared) but they did great.  Lorna even fell asleep before we were done.  There were zombies, clowns, witches, Frankenstien, Jason, chainsaws, and tons of other scary things!  Everyone at the campgrounds did a great job decorating and scaring us!

Nathan even ended up with Lorna for a while.  

Right on our last group of campsites it started raining on us.  We all got soaked!  I was really thankful that the rain held off as long as it did.  It was a great time, even with the torrential downpour at the end :)

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