Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Zoo Day!

For Talmage's birthday last week we went to the zoo.  That was also a good chance to get season passes... so there will be lots of zoo trips in our future ;).  We went with our cousins so it was fun for the kids to have other kids to chase all over the zoo!  It was a beautiful cool morning and we even had a light shower when we were finishing up.  Talmage wanted a camera for his birthday, but that didn't happen.  Instead he was in charge of my camera for the day.  He got to take all of the pictures of the animals.  He loved it.  I had to snag the camera every now and then to be sure we had pictures of the kids too!  It was a fun day!

Mhari and Ella

Talmage and Owen - petting a snake

The kids on the monitor lizard statue

Mhari petting another snake... she really liked the snake :/

Happy Lorna Bug :)

A real group shot on the crocodile!


Talmage petting the goat

Lorna making friends with Aunt Tiffany!

Little boy that was being babysat didn't fall for Tiffany's tricks...

But he sure loved Bree!

Ring tail lemurs 

My favorite shot!  He was so cool and close up!

Happy birthday... or zoo day, or whatever ;)

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