Friday, October 11, 2013

River Legacy Park

One of the perks of homeschool is more field trips!  Today we met up with cousins and explored a park we haven't been to before, River Legacy Park.  This park has a cool playground!  It also has trails, the river, and learning classes. 

We started with the playground.  The kids had a great day, but I think this was their favorite!  

All huddled together



Clark on the huge slide!

So cute

Everyone on the huge spider rope thing

cute bug


The bottom of the kids tree house.  Funny signs on the wall :)

Talmage climbing up into the tree house 

Clark on the bee

Aunt Tiffany pushing Clark on the cool swing ;)

Mhari posing on the dino fossil skeleton

Sandra, Bree, and Owen coming down the twisty slide

Lorna sitting on the dino's tail

Clark on his head

When we were done with our hike (next post) and walked to the cars, which were parked by the playground everyone wanted to stop and play even though they were all exhausted.  I guess we will be back to play some day ;)

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