Friday, October 11, 2013

Wetland Overlook

After spending an hour at the playground it was time to hike it out to the wetland overlook at River Legacy Park.  The trail was paved and there were lots of people out running and biking.  We kept a decent pace and enjoyed the wildlife.  The first part was pretty open, but then we got into a wooded area with a warning sign to watch for bob cats!  We did see animal prints while we hiked too!  

Here is Talmage and Owen

Grant with the line of kids behind him.  

This is supposed to be a really cool spider web.  Can you see it?  

The bridge over the trinity river.  It was flowing pretty good.

Finally made it to the overlook.  It wasn't really labeled and it didn't seem very much like a wetland (since it was so dry), but we had fun.  We ate our lunch at the overlook.


Grant and Bree

The view of the wetlands

Lorna eating an apple

Mhari and Clark

One of the signs that was there talking about the wetlands and the animals there.

Lorna chilling in Tiffany's hat

So tired! 

I think we all needed a nap after that hike!  It was fun to be out, but still kind of warm for a mile hike (each way).  The kids were good sports though :).  
I'm looking forward to more fun field trips with the kids!

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