Saturday, October 10, 2015

4-H One day ... tree planting!

4-H does a one day of service every year.  This year it was on the 10th of October.  It also happened to coincide with 4-H wanting to plant a tree in every county in Texas.  4-H donated the tree and we worked with Mansfield to decide where to plant the tree.  There was a small tree planting ceremony and then the kids got to help plant the new tree.  This was planted at the soccer fields where the boys play.  It will be cool to get to see the 4-H tree keep growing as we attend soccer in the future!

Here is Talmage and Aaron reading about the tree project. 

Planting time!

Grant getting into it!

All of our awesome kid helpers!

Yay for 4-H and service.  It is great for our kids to get to participate in service to our community!

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