Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Haunted!

We enjoyed our third annual trip to the Haunted Forest!  It was early enough before Halloween that there weren't long lines.  We also got there right as the sun had gone down so that also helped with traffic!  We borrowed a trailer from a friend in the ward and hauled everyone around the campsites in that.  Tiffany brought some mattresses to sit on so it was even comfortable!  We had a great time as usual and maybe one of these years we will actually rent the camp site to do the scaring for ourselves!  

Before we left the cousins got their costumes on... since all of ours weren't ready I didn't bother.  Tiffany did share some of her face makeup though... so Sandra got to be a zombie!  At the end of the night she decided that she didn't like being a zombie... and she didn't like makeup!  Sounds like a plan to me ;)

Here are just a few shots before we left.  It's always too hard to get good photos while we are driving.

Sandra - zombie girl!

The kids... all ready to go

Oh, and while Tiffany had the face paint out I had her turn me into a zombie too!  It was fun being zombie mommy for the night.  Lorna wasn't thrilled about my face though.  I did think she would make a tasty snack ;)

Zombie Mommy!

Happy Haunting!

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