Friday, October 2, 2015

Keeping up with the boys!

Sandra loves her older brothers and often would rather be a boy than a girl.  It is funny to see how easily she fits in with them.  Jeff and I often forget how young she is because she blends right in.  Well, first thing she ended up following the boys... or boy, was getting an expander, like Talmage had to do, on her upper teeth.  She has had a cross bite, since forever, so it was time to get that sorted out.  The tooth actually bumped out within the first month or two.  Her mouth is looking amazing!  You can see that all of the top teeth in the photo are on the outside where they belong!  She got her expander in August! 

The other thing that Sandra has been trying to follow the boys with is having glasses.  She has been getting her eyes checked over the last few years, and really has been bothering me about how much she can't see.  Last year her eyes weren't perfect and the optometrist said she would need glasses in the future, but she was fine for now.  Well, it was time for her to join the older brothers in the glasses club!  She had fun picking out her first glasses and has really enjoyed seeing things that are far away.  Her eyes really aren't bad, and she still could get away without them, but if she complains that much, then she can have glasses. 

I think it only took her a few days before she decided she didn't love glasses as much as she thought she did.  Well, isn't that the way life goes ;)

She looks so grown up now!!

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