Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Game Time!

I kept hearing the kids talking about a game they were playing.  After hearing more and more I figured I should investigate... with the camera!  They were playing a settlers game.  I wasn't sure what it was, but in my head it sounded a lot like Settlers of Catan.  They were building up their little settlements, trading with each other, and worried about hazards.  

When I saw the game it all made sense... they had the pit cards out and using them.  They also had out the Lincoln log set to actually build their little settlements.  Talmage (the mastermind of the game) had created different types of cards that would be disasters and such.  I love how real they made the game! 

This is the mess of the game....

But, on closer inspection you can see how great this game is :)
Sandra and her settlement

Grant with his settlement

Talmage and his settlement

Clark with his settlement. 
I love our kids and how creative they are.  I love that the games they create become real things that they can interact with!  I also love that they do a great job of including the little kids and helping everyone have a good time!  We have amazing kids with amazing imaginations!  Playing games with them is always an adventure!

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