Saturday, October 3, 2015

Girls Night Out!

Tiffany, Brandy Meyers, and I got to get out and have fun together.  Brandy mentioned we really needed to get out together so we made it happen!  We went to dinner first and then walked a local shopping plaza.  We had a lot of fun in Half Price Books, until they closed :).  After that we enjoyed hanging out by the water fountain until it was turned off too.  Sometimes it's hard to go home when you are having so much fun! 
We love Brandy and are so glad she is part of our friend group!  She makes our homeschool co-op group so much better!  She has a great sense of humor and her girls are awesome!  Here is just some of the fun we had!  Looking forward to more fun nights together!

Brandy finding some good reading!

A little religion sharing ;)

Hard at working reading

Selfie by the fountain!

Our view for the evening!

Happy Girls Night Out!

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