Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's a Whale of a Tale to be 40!

Jeff's brother, Nathan, turned 40!  Tiffany was going to throw him an awesome party and host it at the church.  Well, Nathan nixed that plan and so the party was off.  Well, about 2 weeks before his birthday Nathan said he did want a party, just not as big as Tiffany was planning... so the party was back on!  

Tiffany asked me to help with decorations. The theme was whales.  It was fun to create awesome sea decorations!

Here is the front door!  It's supposed to be a big whale... with baleen teeth!

Pin the blow hole on the whale game.  I made the whale and holes ;)

The underwater scenery!

Too fun!

We decorated by the front door with bubble wrap.

At the end of the time Tiffany let all of the little kids get a small animal for a prize.  They were so excited!

Lorna got a sea horse.  She fell asleep on the way home, but she wasn't letting go of her new sea horse.  They napped together!

That night we went back for the party and played the sign game with friends from their ward.  It was a fun night!  Aunt Michelle offered to watch all of the kids so they did a Lion King marathon at her house.  It was a great night for everyone!  Too bad I never got a picture of the birthday boy!  We even had him over for a Sunday birthday dinner.  I guess we were just too busy enjoying each other to remember to grab the camera!

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