Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Texas State Fair!

We went to the Fair!!!  This is the first year we have gone.  Back in May someone posted something about how to get free tickets to the fair if you are a homeschooler.  That sounded fabulous to me and so I did it.  It may have been early, but it was awesome to get my free fair tickets in the mail!  It was a great day and even better to get to spend it with the cousins!

I made Tiffany pose with the awesome Tiki man!

There was a lady there showing off fossils and such from the Perot Museum

The kids really enjoyed listening to her.  They asked her lots of questions and knew lots of answers!  After a little while she asked if they were homeschooled.  We said yes, and she told us that she could tell.  She mentioned that homeschool kids tend to have a better attention span and ask better questions.  Kind of cool to hear from someone who is around kids a lot ;)

While at the Fair we saw this awesome can exhibit.  Their were lots of exhibits where it was built out of canned goods.  Seriously I was so impressed!

Here is a huge storm trooper robot.  It even had laser lights that light up and "fired" if you stood in front of it. 

The kids in front of a cool hot air balloon display.

Everyone had to have a turn sitting on the awesome tractors!




The kids got to do a spin art craft.  Here they are listening to how it works.  They got to pick three colors to have dropped as their paper spun.  It made for fun art!  I love that Talmage is giving Lorna a piggyback ride ;)

Our cousins had to head home before us :(. 
We decided to stay for another hour or so and check out more of the fair.

We found Big Tex!
Clark, Mhari, Sandra, Grant, and Talmage

We also found the car show!  We were sad that Daddy couldn't join us and play in all of the awesome Ford vehicles.  We had a great time with all of the awesome cars and trucks!


The kids all fell in love with the Ford Transit Van.  It is so large and spacious.  I love the seating!

More awesome trucks

and cars!

The kids weren't too patient waiting to sit in the convertible.  They decided that they could just sit in the empty seats with this gentleman ;).

Before we could leave the kids had to sit in the van again.  Seriously there was some van love going on!
Check out Lorna hugging her seat!

Clark had to get in on the action... HUGS!
We loved the transit van!
It was a fabulous day to go on a field trip and see some awesome stuff at the Texas State Fair!  I think next year we will try to stay the whole day and see as much as we can.  I know we missed a lot of stuff, but we had a great time!  Yay for getting to go to the fair!

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