Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our First Teenager!

Talmage has been so excited about his upcoming birthday!  He has been planning what he wanted to make for dinner and what cake he was going to help make.  I love that he enjoys being involved in the whole day.  It makes my job less stressful and shows that he likes make it a special day all on his own.  Well, the plan was that the cousins would come over and that they would help him make a cook to order dinner for everyone. 

That sounded awesome, until we got word that we would be having a special meeting where our ward, and 2 others, would be realigned that evening.  Having church that doesn't get out til 4 makes doing a dinner a little tricky anyway, but now we had to be at a meeting by 7?!  We talked to Talmage about the options and we decided to move his birthday celebration to Saturday so that we had more time to enjoy with family! 

It really worked out perfectly!  That was also the night we had planned to go to the Haunted Forest ... even more birthday fun :). 

Here are some of the photos of the evening.    

Talmage cooking the pancakes.

Grant was in charge of the sausage.

What the orders looked like when they were all ready :)

Lorna and Clark enjoying their meal!

Talmage lighting his candles... with a zombie Bree behind him :).  I also had zombie makeup on!

Make a wish!

Talmage's present from Nathan and Tiffany!

On the 18th we celebrated Talmage's birthday with presents!
 The kids had fun making presents for him :)

Lorna donated from her collection of "goodies"

Couldn't believe he got plants!


Seeing what types of plants they are... broccoli, onions, strawberries, and lettuce!

 And a watch!  

Talmage with his present haul!

His present list was organized into 3 categories ... most desired, would like, and would be nice to have.  In the top category was things like: seeds and a watering can.  In the second category was the watch.  The last category (would be nice) was stuff like a phone.  Talmage sure isn't your typical teenager that is for sure!  Now you know why he got plants and a watering can ;).  Let's just say that the stores weren't stocked with seeds in mid October ;). 

Talmage is a great kid and a fabulous oldest child!  He is responsible and really loves trying to figure out new things.  He does well in school and loves so many subjects!  He is so creative and thinks of new stuff and even how to accomplish what he dreams up.  He is working on a book and I love seeing him work with others as he pulls his book series together! 

We love you and are so proud of the teenager you are!  Stay sweet! 
Happy Birthday Talmage!

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