Tuesday, October 18, 2016

14 Years?!

It is hard to believe that our oldest baby is 14 years old!  Talmage is a great son and we really love him.  He has been a blessing to us for 14 fast years now!  We had a small family gathering with presents and cake.  The one thing Talmage really wanted to do was to play Mafia with the family.  We ended up having enough time that we got to play with Grandma, Nathan and Tiffany, Jeff and I, and all of our kids (who were old enough).  We had some good laughs!  It was a really fun night!

Present time!


One of Talmage's presents was pair of binoculars.  Grandma kind of picked on him about getting them to spy on people.  Talmage was pretty embarrassed I think.

It's a good thing they are just for bird watching ;)

 All of the present goodies!

Ready to blow out the candles! 

Talmage has changed so much this year!  He is almost as tall as me and his voice has gotten deep too!  He blends in with the adults sometimes.  I'm not sure that I'm ready for this stage, but that doesn't stop time from marching on. 
Talmage loves to learn and still loves animals!  He is a good older bother and loves to play games with Clark and Lorna.  He has found a great group of friends in our new ward and is really enjoying being here!  We love having Talmage in our family and embracing all of the joys of being a teenager!

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