Saturday, October 22, 2016

Media Progress

Jeff's parents came to town for Talmage's birthday and  they were able to help us make some progress on our house projects.  One of the projects is the Media Room.  We have this storage space above the back garage that we are converting to a media room.  It is right off of the loft and will make a nice addition to the house.  Jeff's dad is good with wiring and he was able to wire outlets, speaker wire, and lights.  Yay for one less thing for us to get done.

Then we were able to get insulation and blow it in under the floor.  It was messy and tedious, but already helped make the room less hot!  The boys were super helpful to get it all done!  

 Grant and Grandpa getting the machine ready for Jeff. 

Jeff was the insulation monster!
Things left to do:  ducting, bat insulation for the walls and ceiling, sheet rock, texture, paint, and carpet.  It will be a nice little room once it's all set!

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