Friday, October 14, 2016

Teen Fun

Ella and our older kids planned a fun teen Halloween party.  OK, let's be honest, Tiffany wanted to have a fun teen Halloween party so we worked together to put it on.  We invited people and helped bring some snacks.  There were friends from co-op and church.  It was a fun night.  I took a few photos, but it was pretty dark and they didn't turn out that well.
They stared off the night with killer frog.  It was a nice easy game to break the ice and get the kids comfortable with each other.  We did a couple of Minute to Win It games too.  After that was done the kids did Murder Mafia game.  The kids really loved that game!  They took a break to do a drink the blood bag fastest game. 

Everyone ate lots of food and had a great time!  At the end of the party they started up another mafia game while everyone was getting picked up. 

It was a fun night and great to see the kids interacting and playing games! 
Happy Halloween!

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