Monday, October 24, 2016

Crazy Kids

Our little town did a Halloween trunk or treat and festival.  It was fun to go and get a little bit of candy.  They had cute things for the kids to do, like paint a pumpkin, do a photo booth area etc.  They were also giving away hot dogs and popcorn.  It was probably more crazy than fun because they ran out of hotdogs and my little kids stood in line for a very long time to get one.  While they were in line I tried to get a fun picture of Sandra and Grant at the hay bales, but Grant decided to go silly instead of cute ;).  I guess that's the way life is sometimes!

Most of the Williams grandkids (just missing Aaron's family) ... definitely some crazy kids here!

We've been trying to figure out some stuff about the kitchen walls for the upcoming remodel (someday).  This crazy kid decided that to figure out if the wall was load bearing or not we needed to open up the wall and ceiling.  He tried to keep it clean by cutting the sheetrock, but it was still a mess.  It was good to really get a look up in there so we know what we are really dealing with.  It's always an adventure doing home remodel projects!

The hole was so big Grant went up to check it out...

Head first ;)

Big enough for even Jeff!
I'm sure there will be more craziness, and I'll be there to take a picture of it!

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