Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hello Loft!

Well, first it was time to say good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a nice visit, but time to head back to Arizona.  Talmage tried to stow away.... I don't think he would have been too comfortable like that for too long though.  Silly boy!

The loft project has begun!  It is really going to happen!  So the general plan is to extend the floor that stops above the master bed all the way across the room to enclose the master.  We are adding a wall and door to the master and so the stairs won't be part of the master anymore.  The room is still huge, but now the extra square footage won't count as part of the master.  Our friend, Mike Baldwin is helping us get the project done.  If we didn't have his help I'm not sure we would have ever started.  It is nice to be able to hire someone who knows what we need and can do it for less money... even if it is done on his "spare" time. 

Here the front panel of the loft is getting removed and the banister is coming down!

The loft original size.  The carpet has already been removed.

Opening up the roof so we can tie the new beams to the rafters.

Boards going up!

It is very exciting.  Well, also messy, but it is nice to have a guest room we can move into while we tear apart things in our room.  I'm so excited to get this project going and have someone who can help us along the way!

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