Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fright Fest!

We decided to buy season passes to 6 Flags this year for the family.  The kids really have a great time and it also works for Hurricane Harbor during the summer!  We are looking forward to hanging out at the water park.  Jeff isn't really into roller coasters, since they make him sick.  He mentioned he would go to fright fest with me, so we got him a season pass too! 

It was fun to go to Fright Fest, but maybe not as scary as I would have liked.  They decorated the walkways and had people there to scare everyone.  They pretty much just left us alone and had fun scaring the younger crowd.  We did go to a haunted house to try to get scared.... but that was kind of silly too.  We went with Nathan and Tiffany so it was a fun double date, even if it was super crowded and not that scary. 

We got a few pictures in front of the Fright Fest backdrop :)

Nathan and Tiffany

Yay for double dates!


Happy Halloween!!

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