Thursday, October 20, 2016

4H fun!

We have continued doing lots of activities with 4H!  Here are some photos from the fashion and food projects :)

We made bags out of t-shirts.

Mhari, Bree, Lorna, and Clark

Talmage, Grant and Owen

For food we were working on garnishing.  We got to make fun little decorations and work on piping skills.  The kids really had a fun time with it!

Talmage and Mhari

Owen, Grant, Bree, and Sandra

Talmage piping

Mhari cutting

The kids paired up as teams to make something beautiful!

Bree and Grant

Mhari and Owen

Sandra and Abby

Lexie and Talmage

Here is the younger group practicing their speech.

The teams have been doing well and we are getting closer to the competition!!

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