Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Early Morning Seminary

Talmage is old enough to attend Seminary this year.  He has really enjoyed it, even though it's early and we are all a bit more tired than usual.  Jeff and I take turns dropping him off and picking him up.  One of the benefits of moving this last summer is that the church for seminary is just 5 min down the road.  It makes the early morning drive just a little less early :). 

One morning I went to pick up Talmage.  I parked by a truck.  Talmage came out a few min later and got in.... along with all of the other kids to their cars.  I waited while everyone pulled out.  The truck on my left decided it was time to drive and started pulling out (while I was still parked), but instead of pulling straight out she had turned the wheel too sharp and caught my car with her truck!  She stopped, I got her ins. information and I went home.  Oh the joys of the early morning life.  I'm glad the damage wasn't worse, but still no fun!  Now to deal with the ins and get Mr. Whiskers fixed! 

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