Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trunk or Treat Time!

It's Halloween time again!  We enjoyed the trunk or treat at the church.  It was a 3 ward combined activity, but there weren't that many cars.  The kids had a great time and it's always nice to see everyone all dressed up!  I was going to dress up as Black Widow.  I ordered my costume, and told Jeff that if I was Black Widow he needed to be Thor.  I found him a Thor shirt and the hammer!  My costume got lost in the mail :(.  I had to hunt down something else last minute.  I ended up being Bat girl.  Not my goal, but still fun to dress up. 

Talmage decided that, in true teenager fashion, he would not dress up and he sat and passed out candy for us.  That meant that Jeff and I got to walk around with the kids together.  That was really nice.  Grant was a teenager (in a Captain America shirt), Sandra was a Camp Half-Blood Camper, Mhari and Lorna were Vampires and Clark was a dog.  Turned out to be a pretty easy costume year ;)

Candy ... the real reason to trick or treat ;)

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