Saturday, November 8, 2014

1st Deacon's Quorum Campout!

Talmage and Jeff went on Talmage's first campout as a Deacon!  It was up in Oklahoma and they even got to shoot!  Jeff even got to use his new truck tent!  We figure with the older boys going on campouts for the next several years it was a good investment :).  Talmage had a great time!  He even wrote about the campout to help for a requirement for one of his Merit Badges.  Here are his words:

On the Deacon Teacher campout on November 8-9, only 2 scouts attended, and one of them was me.                                 
When we first arrived at the pecan ranch we set up our tents and started a fire. The leaders had brought food, including smores. I ate a bunch of them.  After a reasonable amount of firewood had been collected, the 2 scouts and a couple of leaders, including me went boar hunting. When we had first got there, we had seen a boar and deer, so we were excited.

We were surprised by many skunks. I counted 11! Thankfully, none of us were sprayed, but we did shoot at a raccoon and blew a possums leg off. Brendon stabbed it to death afterwards. We all went to sleep at 2:00 a.m., and woke up at 6:30 the next morning.

After I made breakfast we went to a clearing and shot guns at clay pigeons, softballs, and targets. I managed to hit one of the clay pigeons with a .20. I also shot a .45 caliber and a .22. It was awesome!
We had a lunch of sandwiches and marshmallow pies. It was one of the best campouts I have ever had.    

Talmage shooting:
The new truck tent!


Talmage was so exhausted... with so little sleep that night, that he took a nap on the way home :)
It's crazy that he is going on big campouts such!  

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