Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another trip to the Perot!

Since Grandma Whitmer was still in town we spent Monday on a fun field trip with her.  We decided to head back to the Perot museum.  There is so much to do there that it makes it a fun trip every time!  This time we hung out on the engineering and animal floor and then the geological floor.  Everyone had a blast and it was great to be able to have my mom there to enjoy my kids with me!
Here is Grandma doing the brain wave test.  It will through ping pong balls up into the basket as it measures your brain activity.  If your brain waves are active enough then the balls are triggered.  There is also a setting for relaxing your brain and that will stimulate the throwing of the balls too.   Super cool!
Clark playing with the ball tracks
Grant building a structure to test it's stability through an earthquake.
The music room.  This is always a favorite!  Mhari playing the drums!
Talmage and Grant worked out a whole sequence for the ping pong balls to travel through.
Grandma and Lorna
Sandra and Mhari
Grant and Clark
Clark and Lorna

It was a great day.  I love that my kids love learning.  It is also great to have such a hands on place to go and let them experience Science.  It was really nice having family in town to enjoy for a few days too!

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