Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our first Deacon!

Talmage was ordained to the priesthood and office of a Deacon on Sunday October 26th.  We had Stake Conference the day after his birthday so his ordination was postponed a week.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma Whitmer all came to town for the event.  It was nice to have family there to support Talmage! 
That Sunday the bishop invited Talmage up on the stand to talk about what he wants to do when he's older and such.  It was cute to see him up there.  He was so happy, and dignified (not sure that makes sense, but that's how I can describe it).  I think the Bishop even got a little choked up towards the end of talking about the youth that were advancing from primary (there were three that day). 
After church Jeff, along with his dad, brother, and the Bishop performed the ordinance.  It was really wonderful.  Jeff gave him a beautiful blessing.  It is amazing to see our son worthy to hold the priesthood.  He is growing into an amazing young man!
I know we had  photos taken of our family, but we only got a couple of shots with our camera. 
Here is Jeff and Talmage :)
Talmage and Me!

Congratulations Talmage on this great step in your life!  Keep being awesome!

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