Tuesday, November 18, 2014

District Fashion Show!

Today was the day of the District Fashion Show!  I don't think I ever feel ready for these things.  I like to think it's because I've never been to a district fashion show before, but really, I guess it's just a lot more pressure at the district level... more competition for sure!  Talmage and Sandra were ready.  We got there just in time to send them off to be judged.  Each participant is interviewed for 4 minutes by the judges.  There is a list of possible questions that the children get so they can prepare their answers, but they don't know which questions will be asked.  The judge can also ask about anything they have done that has led up to the fashion show - like learning about wool, or price comparison shopping, etc.  After the judging there was also an official fashion show where they walk and show off their outfit and are judged (for a different award) on how they walk and present themselves.  

It felt like forever before they returned.  By the time they got back they got to start practicing for the catwalk part of the fashion show.  

It took a little coercing, but Talmage decided to walk with confidence and really do an awesome walk!  Some of his poses were a little funny, but really he did pretty great!

Posing at the end of the catwalk

Sandra took lots of time to practice.  She was really nervous about this part.  She didn't like being in front of all of the people and she didn't like that her feet made a loud noise as she walked on the platform.  After walking several times with me (just on our own) and giving her some good pointers she was ready to do it alone.  She practiced several times by herself and really got comfortable up there.  She walked a little too fast, but she did great!

She also got into the idea of twirling.  On her time doing the walk for the judges she twirled several times on her way back up the catwalk.  Silly girl :)

Then it was time for the awards.  Sandra got first place in her division!  I was so happy for her and she seemed so surprised!  It was a priceless moment to see her face!
She was in the Buying: Dressy category. 

Here she is posing with the 2nd and 3rd place participants. 

Talmage got 2nd place in his division.  He was disappointed he didn't get first, but later while talking about it he did say he had a problem with one part of the interview so that was probably why he didn't get first.  I know he is still happy to have his 2nd place medal :).  

Here he is with the 1st and 3rd place participants from his division, Buying: Fantastic fashions under $25.

Our whole 4-H club that did fashion really did a great job!  Here they are showing off all of their medals and ribbons :)

Our two little fashion stars :)

I'm sure the kids will be ready to do it all again for next year's fashion show!

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