Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunbeam Zoo Day!

Clark has such fun teachers for his Sunbeam class.  They planned a zoo day in October!  We decided it needed to be a school field trip :).  Clark had fun, but I know all of the kids had a blast!  I bring my camera, but the kids take turns using it to take photos.  Their favorite thing to do is to take pictures of the animals.  My camera only holds so many photos, I think they went through their photos 3 times and deleted some so that they could keep taking more.  Oh, they are silly!
Here are some of the best photos. 
This picture was just cool to me :)
Tiger drinking
Sometimes they even took photos of the kids ;)
Sandra was so great with the birds.  They really loved her.
During lunch, playing with friends.
I love this one!  Great open mouth shot!
We always have to have pictures of the penguins ;)
These are the photos I took on my phone. 
Mhari and the birds.
Sandra taking pictures of the birds.
Talmage's turn with the camera
More birds enjoying our Chica

We did renew our zoo membership, so I think we will be on many more zoo field trips.  I love that my kids love animals so much :)

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