Saturday, November 1, 2014

4-H Fashion!

This year Sandra and Talmage participated with our 4-H club in the Fashion Show.  Last year Sandra was too young to do the competition and the boys weren't that interested.  It was fun to plan things to do with Sandra and get excited about her learning to sew.  The problem was that they put the fashion competition too close to the 4-H Food Show (competition).  My older kids love doing the food show, so we have been pretty busy getting all of the meetings done for food and for fashion. 
Well, with everything that had to happen in October we managed to get everything ready for the kids Fashion Show. 

Here is what they did. 
Sandra wanted to do a refashion.  That sounded fun to me (I really enjoy refashion!).  We went to a thrift store and she found this women's black velvet blouse.  It even had a fur collar.  Sandra was in love ;).  I helped out finding the next piece.  This was a women's dress with spaghetti straps and such.  It was a very grown up look, but the skirt was full of pleats and the fabric was great!  We figured it would be a great pairing!  The extra lace and such on the top would also help make some great accessories.
This is her before picture:
The finished product!  She learned how to seam rip, use the sewing machine, sew a button hole, sew on a button, make a flower and even the bracelet!  She really was so happy with how it turned out!
Back view
Talmage decided that he would participate in buying.  Buying seems easier, since there's no sewing, but there is still work to get this done too!  We had to comparison shop to find the best deal.  We also chose the category for $25 and under so then we had the pressure to get the whole outfit for pretty cheap!  Once we had the outfit we still had to be sure we had shopped around.  Then we have to know the fabric content, care instructions, the construction of the garments and how to know if it 's high quality (all of this is what any of the fashion participants have to know). 

Talmage did great!  He picked a great outfit.  We talked a lot about how to coordinate clothes and what accessories to add, etc.  I feel like he would do even better the next time he helps buy clothes. 

Here is his outfit.
During all of the fashion preparation the kids had to participate in a leadership opportunity.  They both gave speeches at our 4-H club.  Talmage's speech was on fabric and care of different fabrics. 
Sandra's speech was on how to separate clothes and use the washing machine. 
They did great :)
Here are the kids at the fashion show.  They had to present themselves to the judges who then had four minutes to ask questions of the participant. 
Our group of fashion kids!
Sandra and Talmage both won in their division so we get to go on the District Fashion Show in November. 

I think we will have more preparation going to district, but it will be a great experience for them!  Yay for 4-H!

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that's pretty aweome! you're such a good mom.