Saturday, November 1, 2014

Perot Fun!

Jeff's parents came to town to visit and see Talmage get ordained to the priesthood.  While they were in town we went on a trip to the Perot museum in Dallas.  The cousins have a membership and were able to get us all in!  It was a fun day spent exploring and enjoying science!
Here we are on the sports floor.  The kids liked to do the races: 
Mhari and Bree racing the T-rex
Talmage and Owen's turn
Grant racing a whale
Sandra racing a track star (I think she got a head start)
Ella helping out with Lorna :)
I took the little kids over to the children's area. 
Lorna loved driving the truck!
Clark and Lorna helping sort the vegetables!
Here they are helping move the blocks up the manpowered conveyer belt.
Grandpa helping the little ones with the water table - canal system :)
The Dinosaur floor!
Huge puzzles
Made it up to the bird floor.  Here you can fly like a bird!
They even have tools so the kids can practice picking up things with like using a beak :)

The kids had a great time and I think the Grandparents enjoyed watching the kids have fun :).  It was nice to go when there weren't that many people at the museum :) (one of the perks of home schooling). 

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