Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walking Across Texas!

Our 4-H club decided to participate in Walk Across Texas this year.  We track our miles we walk (or exercise for) during an 8 week period.  By the end of it we could have walked across Texas!  As a reward for all of our efforts we met for our last walk together at a park and walked to Dairy Queen!  We then got some ice cream to celebrate and then headed back to the park.  It was a very cold morning, but the ice cream was still good enough motivation to get us out to walk!  

Here are the kids walking :)

Our group outside waiting for Dairy Queen to open.

Lorna enjoying her spoils... well, she rode in the stroller so I guess maybe she wasn't so deserving, but she loved it just the same.

The kids enjoying their Blizzards.  I was surprised to realize this was the first time my kids have eaten a Blizzard.  I guess we usually don't splurge like this... usually I just buy the half gallon of Blue Bell and we enjoy it at home ;). 

Happy Walking everyone!

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