Friday, December 4, 2015

American Adventure ... Razor Time!

On Friday Jeff had us scheduled to go with American Adventure Tours, on a 2 person Razor 3 hour ride!  We drove out of the city and had the desert all to ourselves!  We got oriented and ready to go, when suddenly our tour guides bike stopped working :/.  He took me in the razor and hunted down the other tour going on at the same time.  We would follow along with them (the ATV's) while he figured out what to do about the bike.  When we were hunting them down he drove so fast and crazy!  It was AMAZING!  After getting the ATV's back and us joining them we were driving sooooo slow.  I was so disappointed, especially after getting to go on that awesome ride just minutes before.  We followed along up to the top of a nearby mountain for our first stop.  We were only going like 10 MPH at top speed.  It was a slow form of torture.  We got some fun photos while up there.  On our way down the Razor didn't want to drive ... it was overheating because it didn't like to drive so slow.  

Our guide finally showed up with a working bike and we separated!  I was so happy that we were on our own again!  It was fun to get to really drive fast!  Jeff really did well driving and getting used to the speed!  The course was pretty rough with lots of woops, turns, and rocks.  We drove across this big dry lake bed and we were able to get above 50 MPH!  We took another break after that.  We hung around waiting for the ATV riders to meet up with us before we headed out again.  

Our guide felt bad that we really hadn't had the best experience and he took us out for an extra 20 miles of awesome trail to try to make up for it.  This time I got to drive.  I did take out a bush, but overall it went well :).  By the end of our drive the Razor was overheating again... this time from going too fast for so long :).  

It was time to head back and pack it in.  I think those last 2 hours were some of the fastest of my life!  It is awesome to be out driving with the wind in your hair and enjoying the great outdoors! ... oh, and lots of dirt!

On top of the lookout 

The awesome Razor

All done for the day!!

What a great activity away for the hustle and bustle of the strip!  

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