Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Vegas Style!

Saturday we started our morning at the spa!  We had booked a couples massage with the hotel and had a wonderful morning.  After all of the walking my feet and legs were so grateful for this day.  This was Jeff's first massage and he really enjoyed it.  There were separate rooms for the men and women so after our massage time we relaxed together for a while in the conservatory then separated to check out the cool stuff.  I think I could have stayed for hours, but Jeff didn't want to stay too much longer.  I tried out all of the cool stuff ... sauna, steam rooms, whirlpools, before I headed out to meet up with Jeff.  When I got out he wasn't there.  I was running late so I was surprised that I beat him out.  After he finally came out he mentioned that their lounge area had huge TV's with the football games on.  He mentioned if he had known earlier he could have stayed all day :).  I guess we will have to go again!  

After we were all ready to head out again we decided to check out Fremont Street.  It is a long street with vendors and performers and such.  There were a couple of places set up with music and we saw a few street performers.  I think it would have been better later at night.  

We did find this cool wolverine foam hat for Jeff :) (that he didn't buy)

We also found some fried twinkies and oreos!  They were only $1 each!  Jeff got a hot dog and fries for $1.50 too.  It was probably the cheapest food we found in Vegas ... and it was delicious!

The Twinkie was so huge ... and soft, and yummy!  Have I mentioned that I like desserts? 

Check out all of that warm goodness!

 Jeff was having way too much fun watching me make a mess while I ate my desserts.  They were totally worth the mess though!

We decided not to go for the gondola ride this time ... that is actually one of the things we did do 15 years ago!

The Venetian is so beautiful though!

We ended up seeing Luxor and Mandalay Bay later that night.  I think Mandalay Bay is beautiful!  

Oh, I love this man!  I'm so grateful for all of the work that went into this trip and what a great time we had!  It was refreshing to be away from everything and enjoy our time together!  Thank you for all you do for me and for our family!  Luvu!

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