Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Her first Decade!

Our Chica girl turned 10!  Well, actually it seems like she's been 10 forever.  I'm not sure if it's because she gets along so well with her older brothers, or that she hangs around her 12 year old cousin or what, but it was really hard to remember that Sandra was only 9.  Either way, she did it and accomplished her first decade!  We had a busy week so since the cousins had come down on the 14th we celebrated with them before the piano recital.  Then we finished the celebration at home with Daddy after the recital.

Here is her adorable penguin cake!  It was a fun cake to make :).  Sandra has liked penguins for forever so it was fun to do a more personal cake for her.

Make a wish!


They included lip gloss, a bracelet, gloves, headband, money (from grandparents), a bracelet maker, a solar penguin etc.

Happy birthday to our sweet Chica!  Sandra is a great girl and is so great at so many things.  She loves cooking, refashion, 4-H, co-op, Harry Potter, being a good friend, and of course penguins.  We are so happy to have our sweet Sandra for so long and look forward to many more decades in our future!

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