Saturday, December 5, 2015

Feeling Blue

Our last night in Vegas we had tickets to Blue Man Group!  I had really wanted to go 15 years ago on our honeymoon, but since Jeff spent most of that time sick we didn't end up getting to do much of anything.  This time has totally made up for that first honeymoon.  

Blue Man Group is so awesome!  We ended up front row right next to the "splash zone".  I was kind of worried because I didn't expect that and wasn't dressed to be splashed... with paint!  It worked out well and we never got splashed :).  

They are so great and I love that they can do their whole show without words!  They had such a great time and really interacted with the audience too! 

Here is one of the group literally climbing through the audience.  He stood next to Jeff for a while, but I couldn't get my phone ready fast enough to get that shot.  

I love the pipe drum band part!

Blue Man Group Selfie!

 Can you tell he is trying to take a selfie with a selfie stick.  I don't think we made it in the shot though :(

They had this fog machine going and as they hit the drums the fog came toward the audience ....

 And turned into amazing smoke rings! 

By the end of the show it was a crazy party scene!  

 Fun Everywhere!

After the show the group and their band hung outside the auditorium to take pictures with their fans :).  Jeff and I got our photo too!!

The support band :)

I would have gone back and watched their show again it was that fun!  I think the kids would love it too!  What a great way to end a fabulous trip!  
We Love Vegas Baby!

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