Friday, December 4, 2015

Show Time!

Once we arrived in Vegas we had the day to relax.  We were staying at the Venetian Hotel, which was amazing!  We had seen it on our Honeymoon 15 years previous, but now we got to stay there!  The rooms were absolutely beautiful and huge too!  It was so nice to relax!  We took a nap and walked around the strip.  We wanted to be sure we timed our shows the next evening since we had two shows to go to!  

The first night we went to Terry Fator, a Very Terry Christmas.  It was really cute and he was amazing!  He is a ventriloquist and a performer so he does his own singing and his puppets sing too.  It was so easy to forget that he was their voice!  His voices are so different it really is amazing!  I thing our favorite puppet was the annoying neighbor Dougy.  I can't believe we didn't get any photos of him or his puppets!

The next night shows were Le Reve and Bill Engval

We started at the Wynn Hotel to watch Le Reve the Dream.  They were so talented!  There was no lines being spoken so sometimes the story line got a bit lost, but really beautiful and amazing to watch!  

Pre-show Selfie!

Before it started.  Even just the staging was amazing!

Water, fire, people on ropes and hoops, diving, swimming... everything happening at the same time!!

Underwater synchronized swimming.... so crazy foot action!  This went on for like 5 minutes!

We left amazed. 

After the show we headed on over to see Bill Engval.  It was his only night in Vegas and I was so excited to get to see him live!  He is hysterical!  He just talks about life, but then it always comes together into something funny.  He talked about his wife having menopause, his time on Dancing with the Stars, knee surgery, building their own house and such.  Again,  we didn't get any photos though :(.  It was a great night and I laughed so much!  

By now my feet were feeling all of the walking I had been doing in Vegas.  I wasn't sure if I was going to survive the next day or not.  Time to rest! 

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