Friday, December 25, 2015

Play Time!

After all of the presents were done and open it was time to put the basketball game together!  The kids were more than happy to help!  Jeff was a good sport to get it set up :)

Lots of little helpers!

Cute bug

New Christmas dresses!



Clark and Lorna making their own basketball game

boxes are amazing toys

Getting closer!

Clark turned the box into his little bed ;).  

Game Time!

Bug writing in her journal ;)

Mommy and Daddy competition!

Daddy cuddling his little bug

Sandra made me homemade clam chowder as my Christmas present.  She did great and with no help.  It would have been better if she measured the salt correctly ... in tsp instead of tablespoons.  Also she didn't let it simmer long enough so the potatoes were still crunchy.  After some more time on the stove I ate it... salty and all :)

Clark was exhausted from the fun day :)

Jeff picked me up some peanut M&M's...  so good!  

Lorna really wanted her nails painted, but I was busy making dinner.  Good thing Daddy is available!  I love watching him with her!  

So adorable!

We love playing and the kids had a great time with all of the new things to enjoy!  

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