Thursday, December 17, 2015

Open House!

We enjoyed another great semester with our Co-op Friends!  It is always nice to get together and show off all of the great stuff the kids have been working on!  

Here is Sandra and Grant doing a History skit about the war of 1812

 Grant presenting for his science, swimming creatures class

Sandra showing off her dinosaur she made for swimming creatures.  Grant helping her pronounce it's name :)

I taught a poetry class this year.  The kids were great and came up with really fun poems!  It was also fun to get to work on poetry on my own too.  Each kid presented their own poem and showed off different forms of poetry we had learned throughout the semester!

Clark's kindergarten class!  They performed the days of the week song to the Adam's Family theme song!  He was super cute! 

Clark showing off his school workbook!

Lorna showing off her workbook from her toddler class!

Mhari showing off her fish art work!  She did some really fun creative art this year!

Sandra with her turtle from swimming creatures

Mhari with her shell :)

Talmage had a computer class and science class, but the teen group didn't show off anything for us :).  We do really love co-op and all of the great families we get to be friends with.  I love that the kids get to do extra classes and learn extra things that we aren't doing at home.  Yay for Co-op!

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