Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Merry Christmas!

Clark was so cute this year.  He started wishing everyone a Happy Merry Christmas!  He told me his teacher told him it and I thought it was super cute!  Well, the older kids decided he wasn't saying it correctly, because the correct way is Merry Christmas.  They really didn't even know he was doing it on purpose.  After talking to the kids and explaining that he knew what he was saying they stopped trying to correct him (the problems when one of the kids can't speak well anyways).  It was our fun phrase for the season :).  

Anyway... we had a nice quiet Christmas at home.  

Talmage planned a nice breakfast and woke Jeff and I up with breakfast in bed!  Homemade waffles... YUM!  Seriously, they were delicious!  This was his first time making waffles, and they were from scratch!  I think this is a tradition worth keeping!

After breakfast we went out to enjoy opening presents with the kids.  They had already enjoyed opening their stockings and finding their fun treasures :)

Here is the gift exchange that we do:

Clark gave to Lorna

Talmage made Clark snakes

Daddy gave Mhari a triceratops. 

I made Sandra Rock Penguins

Mhari gave Grant some coins

Grant gave Daddy a star fish 

Talmage made the girls a necklace hanger.

He gave Grant some encyclopedias

Clark gave Daddy his coloring ;)

I got lots of papers from the kids ;)

Yay for new blankets!

Family games

Daddy's present - socks and a tie :)

The big gift to the kids:  They got a basketball game to put in the game room!  Clark was so happy!

Present pictures:





Sandra's ended up super blurry :(.  

Presents are always fun.  Getting to enjoy them all day in beautiful spring like weather was even better ;).  
Merry Christmas everyone!

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