Thursday, December 31, 2015

Be Our Guest

With Jeff moving the office out of the house we moved the school room into the old office.  With that then the kids toy room moved to the old school room area (game room).  Then we switched the old guest room to the old toy room and the old guest room is now a home office for Jeff in case he has a day working from home.  Wow, that was a lot of room moving!  Well, the new guest room was trashed.  Well, the walls and carpet sure took a beating from having the kids in it.  It was pretty disgusting.  I knew that Jeff's parents and my mom were planning on coming at the end of December for Mhari's baptism and Grant's ordination.  I didn't want the room to look like this when our guests came.  

Somehow I always end up having lots to do ... all of the time.  From school stuff, to 4-H stuff, we really do keep pretty busy.  Well, we had made it to the Christmas break and I still had not done anything with the guest room.  I scheduled the week after Christmas to put the guest room together.  

The time came and I had made a plan of what I wanted to do.  I just needed paint colors.  Oh, paint, how we hate trying to choose you!  Jeff said to just pick something we already had... and I agreed I didn't want to hunt down a new color right now.  The colors I ended up with were the blue from the bathroom and the neutral gray from Jeff's office.  The other thing is the whole house has it's baseboards and doors all in a cream color.  I'm so tired of that cream color.  I really wanted nice crisp white finishes.  That meant I got to paint the baseboards and doors.  Fun fun.  Still, the room isn't that huge and I knew I could do it in a couple of days.  I also decided I would decorate the room.  I really want it to feel like that room is ready for a guest at an moment, not that I just cleaned my junk out of an extra room so they can sleep there.  

Well, after 3 days of hard work the room was finally ready!  Just in time for my mom to arrive that night ;)

I didn't bother with before photos... kind of wish I had.  

Here is the after of the beautiful new room!

We bought new lamp shades for the lamps since the old shades were cream.  They really go well now.  I loved the painting I found and the bedding that ties it all together so nicely!

This is looking from the far corner back across the bed.  The closet door and then the nice mirror and cabinet area.  

I painted the closet blue ... I had more blue paint left over and I also really liked the contrast!  The white shelves really pop now!

I love seeing a room all finished beautifully.  I really want to do my master and master bath.  I know the boys room really needs to be done... and the girls... well, every other room practically :).  Jeff suggested hiring someone to come in and get all of the trim repainted.  After the hassle of priming and painting that sounds amazing to me.  I could probably still do another coat of white on the doors and closet.  

It was nice to have our first guest and have her get to stay in our pretty room!  We are ready for guests any time now!

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