Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Anni-Vegasry!

For our 15 year wedding anniversary Jeff surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas!  He planned it back in August and got tickets to 4 different shows and everything!  He had everything all lined up to leave the kids and get out of town.  This is definitely the best anniversary yet!  Way to go Hunny!  It was a huge surprise!  

He showed me a power point that he made to ask me to Vegas ....

Now, he didn't say what this was ... just put the computer down in front of me.  I was a little taken off guard and not sure if this was for real.  It took me watching it a few times to ask if we were going to Vegas, and if this was real?!  

So fun!  These are all of the things he had planned!

He gave me a couple week notice which was good.  It gave me a chance to get some things set before the trip.  I was so ready to get away after waiting those 2 weeks!  

On the plane to Vegas!  

Way to go Hunny!  You did a fabulous job planning something fun and totally surprising me!  Happy Anni-Vegasry (Friends reference)

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