Monday, May 18, 2015

36 years and counting

I turned 36 years old last week.  It was another crazy busy day.  The kids had school, Clark had speech, I had a speech meeting for Clark, Grant had scouts and Talmage had a meeting with a Merit Badge Counselor.  My best friend growing up, Taffery, called me on her way to work so that was an awesome surprise.  I also snuck away for lunch with a friend.  Jenn and I went to Chipotle for lunch and then to Braums for dessert.  It was so good and I was stuffed!  I also got tons of FB birthday wishes so that was fun :).

That afternoon the kids helped me make lasagna for my birthday dinner.  Sandra cooked the meat, Mhari cooked the noodles.  Then they helped me layer.  Clark even wanted to help :).  It was fun to have little helpers and get my yummy dinner.  I could only eat one serving since I was still stuffed from lunch.  Grant helped by making the garlic bread and then Talmage made the birthday brownies.  

That night everyone sung to me and I got to blow out my 3 candles ;)

I'm hoping for lots of fun things this year... fun with the kids, time with Jeff, more vacations, getting more fit, and taking lots of pictures!  I was editing our photos from our trip to San Diego and I told Jeff I need a new camera.  I ordered it Saturday and it came in the mail today!  I'm so excited to take lots of pictures with it!  
Yay for birthdays and many more to come!

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