Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Beach

Since Jeff had a conference to attend in San Diego we decided to turn the trip into our family vacation!  We rented a house to hang out in and Jeff's parents even came for a few days and had fun hanging out with the grand kids. 

On Monday Jeff and Grandpa got some work done while Grandma and I took the kids to Mission Beach.  The weather for the week ended up being in the 60's, but it was still beautiful!  There was a nice breeze and the kids really enjoyed the beach!  We stayed for several hours and I think we were all worn out when we were done!

Here is Lorna cuddled in her towel... she was a little cold at the beginning ;)

Grandma hiding under Clark's towel... trying not to burn!

Clark having a blast!

I got some boogie boards for the trip so the older kids took turns riding the waves.  They had so much fun!  Here is Talmage.

Sandra was really good at riding the waves!

So cute :)

Grant and Talmage

Sandra and Mhari


Grandma helping Clark collect water so we could make sand castles!

Learning how to make good sandcastles!

Talmage pretending to not be there...

Halfway covered in the sand :)

Things we learned while at the beach:  It is easy to get a rash from the salt water and wearing swim shorts, salt water tastes gross, sand gets on everything!, the wind is great for kite flying (totally forgot to get pics of the kite), at least one person will end up with a sunburn, playing in the sand is almost as much fun as the water, going in May when the weather is still cool means no one will be on the beach!, the kids will want to go back!

It sure was a fun day!

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