Friday, May 8, 2015

Stuffed Animal Fun!

Our kids LOVE stuffed animals!  They collect different ones, organize them into families, pretend zoo with them etc.  When we were at the San Diego Zoo I figured we would add some interesting animals to their collection.  The girls each got a panda.  The other animals included a fennick and arctic foxes, red panda, polar bear, snow leopard, snake, hamster and a penguin! :).  

The kids were also in charge of packing their stuff for the trip.  Clark ended up with a backpack full of stuffed animals... then his pillow was also packed full of more animals... oh the joy!  Sometimes it's a bit crazy, but it's fun that they still love the stuffed animals :).  

While at the house the kids got to experience playing pool for the first time.  It was pretty hard for them, but they still tried.  They also invented a new game where their animals got to play pool (no pool Que involved).  

Here is Sandra and Talmage playing with their animals :)

Notice all of the animals on the half wall watching them... yup, they created their own audience.  
We love our sweet kids!  They are growing up too fast... and yet, still young at heart ;)

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