Saturday, May 2, 2015

Desert Beauty!

I can say that when we moved away from Arizona almost 9 years ago there wasn't much about the weather and scenery that we were sad to leave.  Texas has been a nice change for our family and we really enjoy it in the DFW area ;).  
We drove back through Arizona on our way to a conference in San Diego and that is when I was reminded of the beauty that is in the desert... the beautiful sunsets!  They are so vibrant and full of color!  We had small rain storms move through also so it really seemed to reflect great off of the clouds.  There is also something special about an Arizona rain storm... it has a special mix of dirt smell with the rain.  

This was the color in the clouds opposite the setting sun.

The sun disappearing behind the mountain.

Love the amazing colors (and no, photos don't ever do it justice).

I guess this was our welcome back after not being in Arizona for about 3 years ;)

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