Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The San Diego Zoo!

While in San Diego we decided we would take the kids to the San Diego Zoo.  They are all animal lovers and figured they would not want to miss the chance to see this great zoo!  The weather was perfect!  We were able to see most of the zoo in the several hours we were there.  There were zoo buses, a sky lift ride, and animal shows.  We did the sky lift twice, but spent most of our time walking.  All of the kids got a stuffed animal souvenir and that was their favorite toy for the rest of the trip :).  

Here we are with the totem poles!

A Koala Bear!  They sleep 20 hours a day!  We barely got a good picture of one awake ;)

Talmage helping Lorna see the rhino.

This is the baby jaguar.  She was running back and forth while we walked by her cage.  A tour bus drove by while we were there and the driver said she was running back and forth because the children are the size of her prey... good thing we were separated by that fence!

The kids got to be koala bears too!

Lorna climbing like a koala

There were several stations set up with volunteers to tell us about the animals.  This was the vulture area.  There was a skull, wing, and such.  It was fun to listen to learn more about the animals.

The huge camel!

Clark couldn't (didn't want to) climb the camel... but this worked!

Family photo ;)

We loved having Daddy at the zoo with us!  The little ones really enjoyed getting a better view!

Love them

Sandra and Mhari on the prehistoric tiger!

The volunteer teaching about prehistoric animals and today's counter part animals.  She is holding up a prehistoric bear paw... it was crazy huge!

We watched a demonstration with the Main Wolfs.  They look like really big red foxes, but they aren't even closely related to them.  They are trained to touch their nose to their symbol.  They were good at showing off!

Lorna playing on the polar bear!

Grant on the nose of a huge polar bear!

Mhari and Clark reading about polar bears ;)

And here is the real polar bear :)

Kids getting to act like a seal peeking through the ice

Lorna had to take her turn later since there were only 5 holes in the ice ;)

One of Grant's favorite animals... the arctic fox!  He's not so white when he's not surrounded by snow!

They have a Red Panda too!  He is related to the raccoon family.  He looks so soft and fluffy!

Here is the main attraction!  The Panda!  He is actually pretty small for a panda, and he is old and has bad teeth so they feed him soft food ;). 


Another of Grant's favorites!  The fennick fox!  I love his huge ears!

We had a great time and really enjoyed the zoo.  The zoo even had a humming bird sanctuary that some of the kids and I went into.  It was really cool to be around such beautiful plants and little birds!  
The gift shop was really cool because they had practically every animal there!  They had porcupines, hedgehogs, one last mountain goat, red pandas, and every other kind of animal!  Yay for zoo's and lots of great animals!  

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