Sunday, May 10, 2015


We spent our evening in Phoenix/Glendale hanging out with family!  Jeff's brother, Aaron, and his family came over to play.  I also invited my family over to hang out at the nearby park.  It was great to let the kids play with cousins that they don't get to see very often!  It was a beautiful evening (especially for Phoenix) and the kids had a great time!

Here is Sandra, Molly, and Mhari :)

Lorna trying to get her cousin Lorali to come up the stairs on the playground!  

Lorna and Lorali sliding

Heather, Deborah, Holly, Leann, Amanda, Christa (holding Tavin), and Burke (I think)

Joe and Dale

Tavin, Abigail, and Lorali 

Ira playing catch with his dad :)

Unlce Mike out playing soccer with the kids!

Clark and Garrett 

Clark and Burke (he's almost 6 1/2)

Holly, Me and Christa
Sisters :)

Clark really loved Grandma's house!  He loved having new toys to play with!



The library... lots of kids place to hang out:
Joy, Sandra

Tomas and Clayton

and Mhari!

We made it out of Phoenix about 6:30 am.  It was a long drive home, but we made it in about midnight.  The kids like to watch movies in the car... it helps pass the time.  This time we did a Harry Potter marathon.  We made it through the first 5 movies (then we switched to other movies).  Here is what the kids look like during the drive.  Sandra and Mhari had friends hanging out on their heads.  Silly girls!

It was great to be away.  It was nice to hang out with family.  We will take another trip some day... when there is time we can get away from work ;).  

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