Thursday, May 7, 2015

The House!

When deciding how and where we wanted to stay on our vacation we looked into renting a house.  Let's face it, when you have 6 kids it's no fun to go to a hotel (well, for the parents anyway).  We have to get 2 rooms.  Those rooms have to be connected with a door (to prevent annoying the other guests more than necessary).  Then we have the problem of never enough space!  Being cooped up in hotel rooms for too long is just bad news!

Considering that hotels are pretty expensive, renting a house wasn't much different than getting 2 hotel rooms.  Plus, we were able to get a house big enough that the grandparents could join us!  We decided not to stay right on the beach and saved a little money that way.  

The house we got had 3 bedrooms, a game room with a pool table, an office space, formal dining, large eat in kitchen with bar, family room, loft family room and patio with grill!  The kids loved the house and it really helped the vacation feel more relaxing!  I loved not feeling like my kids were being too loud and bothering other hotel guests!  Getting meals done was also a lot nicer since there was a full kitchen ready to work in!  We also grilled several times and ate on the patio since the weather was so nice!

Here are the kids enjoying their dinner outside

The view of the patio area

Formal dining room and pool table/game room.

Jeff at the office desk... working

The kitchen with the large table that seats eight and the bar that seats 4!

The main family room just off of the kitchen.

I think we will be renting a house again in the future.  It sure felt nice to have a home while away from our home!

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