Monday, May 18, 2015

Conquering the Tree

We hung out with friends at the park last week.  It has been raining and luckily that day it was beautiful!  The ground was a little wet, but that didn't stop the kids from playing!  

After lunch the kids found a huge tree to play in.  I think Grant was able to get up by himself, but everyone else needed some help.  Bree was especially nervous and needed lots of help.  I went over to lend a hand and got Owen in the tree.  I almost had Mhari in the tree, but she couldn't grip it well enough.  The tree was pretty mossy from all of the recent rain.  Here are some of the fun pictures of the tree climbing experience.  

Bree.  She really was nervous and hates being up high.  She did so good posing for me before she finally asked me to help her down because she was scared.  

Ella.  She was a good sport and helped most of the little people up the tree.  I think Sandra even stepped on her face while she was climbing up.

Grant... natural tree climber!


4 monkeys in a tree


Sandra.  She would stay in the tree all day if I let her.  She also went back with Uncle Nathan and had him help her back up and got more pictures taken from Aunt Tiffany.  Silly girl!

Talmage giving Owen a Minotaur ride. 

We also had the kids play buddy tag, or missionary tag.  Uncle Nathan and I also joined in the fun.  Didn't get any photos of tag tho :(.  Yay for friends, and parks, and trees!  I'm sure we will have many more fun days to play!

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