Thursday, May 28, 2015

Raising girls!

It was shower night and Lorna got done first.  She went out and I finished with Sandra and Mhari.  When I came out this is what I found...

I guess she was hungry and decided to get an apple.  She moved a chair up to the counter to get it too.  She tends to get hungry after dinner (probably because she didn't eat enough) and likes to have a snack before bed.  She doesn't get one very often, but she will ask.  It was so funny because I came out and she was happily eating her snack at 8 pm!  I'm glad we are raising a strong independent daughter who likes healthy food (as well as other sweet treats)!

Mhari has had a baby tooth that was just hanging on.  The way the adult tooth was coming in didn't dissolve all of the root... it was pretty stuck and barely wiggly.  I was going to get her into the dentist in the next couple of weeks and deal with it, but it happens that her brother was playing with her and accidentally knocked the tooth out with his shoe... which means he kicked her in the face.  Thankfully nothing else was harmed, but it did hurt for a while.  While that's not how we wanted the tooth to come out, we are glad it's gone!  The adult tooth now has room to come into the right position.  

Close up!

So Lorna has a funny hair obsession.  She has had it since she was an infant.  She loves hair... especially twirling hair!  She will do it as she falls asleep.  After many days picking out knots and pulling out chunks of hair her hair was looking really scraggly!  I decided it was time to trim it up.  This gives her a little less hair to play with and hopefully it will grow out better now too!  

She is getting so big!

Sometimes I'm surprised by the things I end up dealing with, but life is always a surprise, especially with these two girls!

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