Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swimming time!

We usually get lots of swimming done starting when the pool opens in May.   This may we had record rain fall and really never found a good time to go to the pool.  It took til the end of May to get out... we even got to go with the cousins!  

Here are the kids before they jumped in!

Clark and Lorna spent their time in the little pool!  The big pool was a little cold for my taste.  

So fun!

Mhari swimming :)


Tiffany swimming!

Owen getting Tiffany

Ella getting ready to jump on the boogie boards. 


Silly Mhari

Sandra after jumping on the boogie board

Another go at it!

Time to leave

Little Bug dragging the boogie board behind her... almost as big as her!

It's nice to be back at the pool again!

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