Saturday, June 13, 2015

11 year old Camp FUN!

Grant got to attend the Stake 11 year old Camp this year!  I was also able to go and volunteer for one day.  Talmage was old enough to help take care of our little ones and a friend had the 2 girls.  It worked out really well.  Jeff got to go and stay the night for the camp out part too!  Grant had a great time!  They worked on leather working, aviation, and first aid merit badges. 

Here they are at the Grand Prairie Airport control tower!

Learning about an airplane

Flying their own planes :)

Grant helping with the flag ceremony

Building a fire

The night Jeff went they had a dad and son soccer game!

Pretty high grass for soccer.  Plus it was so hot!

The evening program

Jeff and Grant hanging out in the tent!

Grant really enjoyed camp and is all ready to join Talmage next year at Boy Scout Camp!

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